Choose Your End was performed at the Centaur Theatre's Wildside Festival, January 26, 27, 2024.

Read on for info, or watch our video Keep Moving and relive one of our favourite moments  in the show!


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We're Terrified.

Choose Your End is a song cycle that is a multidisciplinary project, evergreen, evolving and changing due to the fresh horrors we all wake up to every day! It seems like it’s all on the line, on the brink, on the edge, or in many cases across our world, beyond the tipping point. Choose Your End is about taking personal control in increasingly helpless circumstances to exercise autonomy over how we, each of us, can face this iteration of the end times. We do not pretend to have any answers, but we do have options! If the ship of humanity is sinking, we prefer to go down with a giggle rather than a gasp.

Stick around after the show for TRASH AND TRADE. We have some important items you might want to trade for say, a half a pack of gum or an unused coffee card. No better time to practice your barter skills!

About Wind Up Radio

Wind Up Radio creates original music, videos, and performance about the things that scare them the most: fire, flood, drought, famine, sentient AI, the breakdown of civilization, aliens; the future. Oh and also, it's a good time.  

Using vintage drum machines, keyboards and TVs, as well as public domain video and sound clips in their work, they are interested in creating a vision of the future from the past that invites us all to consider what’s next.

Sarah Blumel is a queer, multidisciplinary artist making music and video art to quiet the ring of impending doom.

Anisa Cameron is a Montreal-based theatre practitioner and a real show stopper who is feeling like her “Live, Laugh, Love” days may be numbered thanks to the threat of global economic and environmental collapse.

As we consider our collective future on our planet and in this country...

We know that Indigenous Peoples and others across the world continue to confront apocalyptic circumstances because of colonisation and settlement. 

Wind Up Radio wishes to acknowledge that our work has been created and performed on the traditional, unceded territory of the Kanien’kehà:ka/Mohawk Nation. Wind Up Radio is also partially based in Ottawa,  the unceded, unsurrendered Territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation.As a fourth-generation settler and first-generation settler, we wish to thank these stewards of the lands, air and waterways we are grateful to live on, benefit from and call our home. 

To quote Erica Violet Lee, an urban Native Scholar from inner-city Saskatoon, “Reconciliation is the realisation of worlds that should have been.” - Post-Apocalypse Stress Syndrome:..The Anishinaabe Have Seen The End of Our World.

Special Thanks

This work was created thanks to the generous support of Vidéographe. Thanks to Sam Meech and Mick Sand, Laura Paolini at the Digital Arts Resource Centre in Ottawa, the Ontario Council for the Arts and the Great Canadian Theatre Company for their support with the Theatre Recommenders Grant, Sean Campbell and the team at the Diefenbunker, Rose Plotek and the team at the Centaur, Kenny Ortega, Meg Ryan, the Côte Saint-Luc Dramatic Society, and Ian Cameron for making our green screen dreams come true. And of course Dolly Parton and Prince. 

Curious about our sources? 

We use a lot of Creative Commons and public domain sound and audio in our work.
Keep scrolling if you REALLY want to know where we got it all from. 


Dance Dance Dance was made using the following sources:

WTF Happened to MEG RYAN? 

Creative commons:
Classic Dance Moves 
Jet ski, wakeboard, cliff diving... // Paradisers // MENORCA, SUMMER 2015 HD
"Twister!" - 1970 Lubbock tornado documentary
Ski Safety
Air France
The Face of Disaster
Countdown to Calamity


Keep Moving was made using the following Creative Commons sources: 

They Came from Beyond Space (1967) Jennifer Jayne.Robert Hutton.Michael Gough.Freddie Francis

HD 720p The Vampire 1957 Vintage Classic B&W Sci Fi Horror Movie 

Terror in the wax museum (1973)   

DELTA: America’s Space Ambassador

Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) - Full Movie - Classic Sci-Fi  

A Breathtaking finish between Emil Zátopek and Gaston Reiff in the 5,000m - London 1948 Olympics 

J. Fonda ‘85, advanced  

CLUB 80s

Body on top 

Craziest Black Friday Shoppers ​​


God's Grocery was created using the following Creative Commons sources: 

Change Of Pace - Modern Forestry in BC, a film from 1967 

Vintage 60s & 70s Family 8mm Footage Compilation   

8mm Film scan: 1960s Saskatchewan, Canada. Camping, lake, car, cattle / farm scenes. 

Tongass Forest Trails 1970s 


Bag o Bones contains clips from the following sources: 

Jeans Jeans Jeans: My '70s-'80s Dream 

Brutus Jeans "Gold" Television Advert feat Sting 1978 

Brutus Jeans Advert 1980 

Brutus Jeans Advert 1978 

Brutus Jeans - You wear Brutus Gold 1980s 

Levi's Loose Fitting Jeans TV commercial (1993) 

Lee Cooper Commercial from the 1980´s


Audio and video of William Shatner: 

William Shatner on a life of adventure and why he’s always embraced "going on some weird journey", on Q with Tom Power on CBC radio. 


Starship includes clips from the following sources:

Sound clips from Josh Marcus’ April 27, 2021 interview with Elon Musk for The Independent, retrieved from   

If you watch carefully, you will also find a very short clip featuring Meg Ryan from the trailer for the 1998 movie, City of Angels, found here: 

Creative Commons sources: 

NASA 1991 Youth Recruitment Reel - A fictional "lost" youth recruitment reel from the early 90s, by Blulight Studios

Delta, America's Space Ambassador   

Menace from Outer Space (1956)  

The History of Space Travel: Before Saturn and America in Space  

“Universe" (1975, NASA, narrated by William Shatner)   


Billionaires in Space: How Musk, Bezos, and Branson Could Save Humanity 

SuperMUC: First Commercial Hot-Water Cooled Supercomputer to Consume 40% Less Energy 


Damons contains audio and video clips from Matt Damon, found in Fortune Favors the Brave: 

Creative Commons: 

Star Odyssey (1979) Schlock italian scifi from the visionary director Al Bradley 


Delta: America’s Space Ambassador 


Soma Holiday uses clips of Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle


Server Farms contains clips from the following public domain sources:

Mary Smith, American  

Robots 1983 VHS Computer Graphics 

Tektronix auto portrait en Images de synthèse CG

High Definition 80s Retro Sunset High Definition 80s Retro Sunset Walking Through Neon Path Relaxing Visuals HD Screensaver

Retro 80s Red Sunset Synthwave Loop Retro 80s Red Sunset Synthwave Loop - HD Motion Graphic Background

Screensaver loop video no copyright 

Woman at War, 1941 from Archives New Zealand

Telephone Operator (1937) - Full Movie 


Android Hottie was created using the following sources: 

Green screen technical direction provided by Ian Cameron, recorded at the DARC Soundstage in Ottawa.

Thanks to Laurel Sprenglemeyer for writing the line “Hey check out my new android body. It looks good and boy can it party” twenty years ago.

WTF Happened to MEG RYAN

Creative Commons:

Flicker Neon Laser Beam Futuristic Fluorescent Glow Light Tunnel - 4K Motion Background Screensaver 

Heart Brick VJ Loop - Motion Background

Bits and bytes Ep.5: Messages 

Episode 5: Communication Between Computers 

Simulations and Games (Bits and Bytes, Episode 8) 

Telx USA Data Center Tour 

Computer room walking tour 

Telephone Operator (1937) - Full Movie

Ship of Monsters